Sand is a product design firm that offers premium-quality product (Industrial) design services and partnership (we develop our own products and sell the finished design to investors) ,our firm is established in Egypt and targeting the Middle-East client market primarily and International clients secondarily. Our product design services is where we turn our clients’ product desires into final manufactured products that meet their business needs and deliver the right feeling to the end consumer. Sand Product Design firm offers designed products with, the artistic taste of Industrial designers infused with the technological development of engineers.*
*Sand Product Design is the evolution of MS-Designs Product Design firm, where all the product design work done in the latter was done by the lead designer in both firms.

What does SAND offer its clients? 
It's very simple, really, we take any product idea you have and turn them into final on-shelf products!
You got a product idea that you need to realize and make come true, well you came to the right place!That's exactly what we offer.
We develop products from vague ideas that you can just take off your shoulders and put on our plate, and we will take it from there.Through multiple process steps, that we will familiarize you with to be on-board while your idea is cooking. Which after our passionate and creative SAND team will take this product idea of yours and turn it into a true manufacture-able design and sell-able product.  A complete End-to-End product design service.
What if I am entrepreneur that do NOT have a product idea, could SAND still help me? 
Absolutely, we are that creative!
After understanding the nature of your business and what products might solve your current business challenges we would be able to offer you multiple product design solutions to perfectly address and work in sync with your business objectives. 
What if I am NOT yet an entrepreneur and I am seeking to become one, could SAND offer me something still? 
Certainly and most positively, YES!
We will offer you multiple product ideas that are already fully developed and ready to prototype then produce after doing final tweaks upon your taste. These are product ideas that SAND team have thought of as observant and creative designers in the day-to-day challenges of the world interactions and decided to do something about it, so we designed our own SAND products ready to be grabbed by our clients.

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