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The barbell accessory that reinvents the way you work out!

No more straining muscles unnecessarily. Ergonomically designed to enhance your fitness regime.

Totally safe, easy to install and versatile enough to allow for a multitude of exercises.

- Adjustable width for added comfort and flexibility
- Easily attaches
- Great versatility
- Less strain on joints
- Ergonomic design

The days of straining your biceps and incorrectly working your arm muscles are over. ZigFit is the latest ergonomically friendly product to hit the health and fitness market. You won’t know what you did without it!

Attaching easily to any standard barbell, ZigFit enables a grip that allows you to lift and workout without the unnecessary and unhealthy strain. Unfortunately, muscle, joint and nerve damage become all too common among those who lift weights on a regular basis. We saw a need to make things better for weight lifters of all skill levels and classes. This truly is a one-of-a-kind product designed to offer athletes and novices alike a more effective way to workout. Not to mention, because of ZigFit’s shape, you are able to do hammer curls as well as wide curls with it—two very important exercises in terms of toning and defining the entire arm.