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Controlling the spread of light in a brand new way…A residential lamp that takes illumination to new levels!

Bluetooth enabled, the light will even dance in conjunction with your music.

- Uses a levitating mirror
- Control intensity and color of light.
- Available in 5 stylish colors
- Utilizes magnetic energy
- Rubber bottom supports
- Ambient lighting

A levitating lamp with a unique twist on optimal illumination control. Operated from the palm of your hand with the Suspend app, this LED lamp just blew up the existing market.

Spread, intensity and color--able to control all aspects of this light source and do so from your smartphone is truly an incredible feat. Throw into the mix the fact that, Bluetooth enabled, this lamp can sync to your music and dance… Yep, I’d say we are on to something.

Suspend redefines what typical household lamps should be. Using magnetic levitation, this light controls the spread and intensity of illumination through the positioning of a mirror in respect to the 6 power RGB-LEDS. With vibrant colors, sleek modern lines and unparalleled design, Suspend must be experienced to be believed.