Sleek, stylish and incredibly protective case for iPad3/4, iPad mini & iPhone 5.

A lightweight and totally unique design that protects your phone while making it truly standout!

Hexagonal design that can withstand just about anything with the below features:
- Seamless rubber front cover
- Aluminum exoskeleton; comes with hex assembly tool
- Four allen bolts to assemble case
- Incredibly durable
- 5 mm hexagonal truss
- Available in a variety of colors
- Allows your phone to withstand bumps and falls
Lightweight and super easy to snap on and off, the MiGuardian line of iPhone 5, iPad (3/4) and iPad Mini cases is a revolution in the industry. Wanting to move away from the same old styling and design, we have created a product that is both ingenious in how it works and unique in terms of how it looks.
Who knew a phone and device case could begin with the observation of a beehive—just goes to show you, our inspiration comes from everywhere! The toughest case you will encounter and a pretty stylish one too, we might add.
If you think of the complex hexagonal structure of a beehive, the inherent strength and durability built into the overall pattern, you will begin to understand the method behind the MiGuardian madness. Mother Nature can’t be wrong. And indeed, this case protects your phone or device from drops, bumps, even water splashes.