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The future of the biking industry
The GPS enabled tablet that helps secure your bike!

Perfect venue for advertisers to reach cycling enthusiasts!

- Waterproof and shock proof to 1.5m
- All ports sealed to prevent damage to buttons or hacking
- GPS capabilities to allow bikers to pinpoint their exact location
- Dust proof design
- Large 7” screen
- Outdoor ready

Metalic Green

Metalic Blue

Metalic Grey

Designed for an e-Bike start up, Baddel’s intent was to help deter theft of rented bicycles as well as provide a more overall enjoyable biking experience. Sufficient as far as outdoor use and storage, this device is perfect for those traveling by bike in an area with which they may not be 100% familiar. And given that Baddel displays advertisements as well, it becomes the ideal channel for those businesses looking to reach out to bike enthusiasts.

Remotely controlled through the Baddel app, the tablet’s ports are all sealed, thereby ensuring that no damage to buttons or hacking can occur. Baddel truly represents the future of the increasingly popular bicycle industry.

Product Designer

Mohamed El Sharawy