From day one, we have worked hard to expand the full spectrum of product design services, and today we are proud to be the only fully-fledged product design firm in the MEA region, capable of creating premium quality products and solutions that noticeably improve people’s lives and enhance human experiences ... Our Pilot run as the first product design firm in the region started back in 2011… and five R&D years later, we aced it – we took off! Artists, engineers, and inventors, we live and breathe innovative product design. As Egypt’s first product design company, we are pioneers in a field that has so much to offer businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. SAND is about innovating processes, outside-the-box ideas, and incredible artistic talent. As such, we knew our Vision had to be equally as inspired… To become MEA’s first choice for product design and product partnerships, delivering premium quality through value-creation, client relations, modern technologies, creativity and cultural inspiration. We put everything we have into not only creating amazing product designs, but doing so with an eye on helping our community, boosting our economy and inspiring local startups to do the same. More than designers, we strive to be mentors, talent incubators, and artistic visionaries with an eye on promoting ideas that enhance people’s lives. Deliver Premium Quality Products and Solutions that noticeably improve people’s lives and human experiences.



In Sand we follow a creative and disciplined work process to ensure the utmost ground breaking innovation to our designed products while meeting our market launch deadlines and product-cost tar¬gets. Despite this process being our secret ingredient to deliver our premium product design service.

The Team

One of the greatest things we have at sand product design, is a team established on a winning culture, and they start and end by “we can’t miss a beat” mindset. Our degree of cohesive involvement is superlative and with this cohesion we ensure that our versatility is meaningful to our clients at every single step of the process.