1.   Vision
Our vision is to become (Middle-East and Africa) MEA’s number one choice for product design and product partnerships ,where value-creation, customer satisfaction, creativity and cultural inspiration are the corner stones to deliver premium quality products and solutions which improve peoples’ lives. Our products are to be designed with the ignited passion of children, creativity of artists and value-creation of engineers. Serving our society by: designing products that serve their crucial needs, and by being the product design regional talent incubator enabling their creation; through sound science, adequate technology and correct mentor ship.
o  We design the evolution of your ideas
o  We offer unique product partnership
o  We are the destination for your endless inspiration
2.   Mission
To deliver unique,creative, value-adding and premium-quality product designs and solutions that turn our clients’ product desires into final products.
3.   Core Values
o  We seek Customer satisfaction (Fully meeting customer needs)
o  We value Creativity(Creativity is a corner stone for our firm)
o  We build with Technology (Science is our core competency)
o  We design Together(Value creation through teamwork)
o  Premium Designs ,or No Designs (Only Premium Quality Products)
o  We make life better, one product at a time (Consistent goal to improve people’s lives with our products. Every. Single. Design.
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